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Sailor Mars 2 :iconhirokada:hirokada 12 6 100k Hits :iconhirokada:hirokada 42 7 Vegeta 13: Chibi SSJ Blue :iconhirokada:hirokada 32 2 Erza Scarlet in Heart Kreuz Armor :iconhirokada:hirokada 15 0 Tender Heart Bear :iconhirokada:hirokada 14 12 Zetto (Zephyr) :iconhirokada:hirokada 3 0 Portgas D. Ace :iconhirokada:hirokada 3 0 Chrollo :iconhirokada:hirokada 5 0 Sailor Mars 1 :iconhirokada:hirokada 12 4 Commission 54: Anne Takamaki :iconhirokada:hirokada 26 9 Psyduck + Wobbuffet + Mimikyu :iconhirokada:hirokada 14 2 Vegeta 12 :iconhirokada:hirokada 56 11 Roronoa Zoro :iconhirokada:hirokada 12 1 Commission 53: Akira Kurusu :iconhirokada:hirokada 19 8 Commission 52: Hinata :iconhirokada:hirokada 36 2 Takatsuki-kun :iconhirokada:hirokada 3 6


Headshot (Lineart or Sketch)
- from the collar bones up
* price per character
- from the collar bones up
* price per character
Bust (Lineart or Sketch)
- from the chest up
* price per character
- from the chest up
* price per character
Chibi / Small Child / Half Body (Lineart or Sketch)
- half body = from the waist up
* price per character

*The Garrus sketch (left) is just a sample for illustration purposes. I will not accept commissions as complex as him. Sorry. ^^;
Half Body
- from the waist up
* price per character
Chibi / Small Children
* price per character
Full Body (Lineart or Sketch)
* price per character
Full Body
* price per character 


Kid Gohan :iconalexiscabo1:alexiscabo1 36 0 SSJ GOD - GOKU - COLOR PENCILS :iconiza-nagi:Iza-nagi 68 10 Vegeta, christmas gift :iconcogetacats:CogetaCats 31 9 Walt and Jesse in Super-Lab BREAKING BAD :icondoctor-pencil:Doctor-Pencil 67 8 Dawn is Breaking :iconsarahsilva:SarahSilva 24 0 Rick. Thanks. :iconsarahsilva:SarahSilva 15 4 Vegeta's practice 2. :iconchr85esp:chr85esp 9 5 Lg Commission Stamp :iconchaoskomori:ChaosKomori 2,367 241 Hadou Ken :iconhillarywhiterabbit:HillaryWhiteRabbit 198 19 Dakimakura _ Yuri!!! on ice - Viktor :iconmitgard-knight:mitgard-knight 75 6 Nuriko Fushigi Yuugi :iconlancercross:lancercross 96 8 On Love: Agape~ :icondmikleo:DMikleo 621 58 Fushigi Yuugi Nakago :iconlancercross:lancercross 67 12 Nuriko WIP :iconlancercross:lancercross 67 4 Dragon Ball Z Commission - A Legendary Fight :iconghenny:ghenny 48 8 I:V - Score to Settle :iconrider4z:Rider4Z 142 27


Hi everyone! :wave: I'm open for commissions again as I really need to get my laptop repaired soon. Commission details here. Thanks for looking! :)
Whoa! 100k pageviews! Thank you everyone! :squee: I've been working for several months on a 100k hits drawing in anticipation of this but I haven't got enough free time. I also have some drawings pending to be uploaded. ^^; I hope to finish it soon since I'm already coloring. :love:

PS: That said, sorry I'm unable to immediately reply to comments because of my schedule, but thank you for all comments, favs, watch, mention, etc.! :glomp:
Hi everyone! :wave: Just dropping by to say thanks for all the faves, comments, watch, llama, etc. Sorry I'm unable to reply to you all individually (though I try ^^;) since I've got a lot on my plate these days but do know that I appreciate every fave/comment/watch/llama. Again, much thanks! :love:
[April 15, 2017]
Hi everybody! :wave:

I am going to open for commissions again. My laptop has been having some serious hardware issues and I need to get it repaired badly, and soon. I need funds to get it repaired so I'm accepting commissions again. Hopefully it will be fixed as I not only use it for entertainment but for drawing and work as well. If worse comes to worst, I might need to buy a new one (this laptop is about 7 years old). :tears: I will get my laptop repaired a week from now. (4/23/17: Just learned that the repair center I usually go to is no longer there, so I’m pushing the repair -hopefully- about two weeks from now and look for another. Also need more funds…😢) Any help is appreciated. Thank you. :heart:

I've got too much work to do.
Why cheap?

Bullet; Green The opportunity to "edit" is removed.
If there's too much editing, it becomes more technical and it becomes tedious. It makes me lose interest on a drawing causing me to work a lot longer on it. Thus, it is important to give detailed instructions beforehand and if possible, good reference pictures as well.  Later on, I might do commissions with editing opportunities but those would have higher rates.
** Sorry, I will not send WIPs. However, I will frequently update this journal with my progress on the Queue section at the bottom. **

Bullet; Green  It might take -2 weeks or more- to create a drawing.
I do draw a bit fast. But with my schedule, it might take more than 2 weeks to make a drawing. But if I am able, I might be able to finish a drawing (depending on difficulty and the queue) within a week. Again, that is not guaranteed.
** For reference, you can check out the Done section at the bottom to get an idea on how long it usually takes to get a commission done as I have listed all the commissions I've done with dates on when I began and finished working on them.
** When my laptop gets repaired, I won't be able to work on any commissions during that time. I will continue working on them when I get my laptop back. Repair usually takes around a week.



Bullet; Blue DETAILS
- The commission(s) must follow dA's rules.
- All drawings will bear my dA name & date. (even for lineart commissions; please do not remove)
- All drawings, here on dA, will only be posted on my gallery and cannot be uploaded by any other user on their gallery. (Please know you are paying for a drawing to get done but NOT the ownership of the actual artwork.) I'll be uploading them on tumblr and I might upload them on pixiv too.
- Drawings have white backgrounds by default but I can paint it with one color if you like. (Kindly see samples)
- Commissions are saved as PNG files. Linearts will have transparent backgrounds.
- On technical aspects, I do not have a set image size or dpi but they would be more or less around 800-1000 pixels tall/wide. While the commissions displayed on my dA are of smaller sizes, I will privately send you a full-sized version of your commission.
- I will do commissions for a maximum of three people at a time. Beyond that, there will be a waiting list. (Kindly see Queue at the bottom.)
- I will accept two commissions per person at a time to avoid too much workload. Once they're done, the same person can commission me again and will be queued.

 I will do:
- Anime fanarts (since I only know a handful of anime, reference pictures would be helpful, preferably official art)
- OCs (I need clear reference pictures of your OC: facing front, full body, or bust if your commission is bust, colored if your commission is colored)
* If the OC is not yours, I would need permission from the owner before agreeing to work on the commission.
* Same goes with unofficial versions of characters. For example, if you want me to draw somebody's design of Super Saiyan 8 Gokou or adult Pan, I need to ask the permission of the artist who created that since it's his/her concept and design.
* As well as with any design (i.e. logos), I'd need the permission of the artist.
* For reference pictures, please provide clear, large, and good quality images. It will take me longer to work on your commission if I can't see details from your references.
- shounen-ai or mild yaoi that do not violate dA's rules
- fanservice-type art that do not violate dA's rules
* I may be able to draw NSFW drawings. However, I will not post them here. I may post them on tumblr and/or send them to you privately. Feel free to ask and I'll think about it. :)

 I will NOT do:
- overly complicated designs
- too many characters in one drawing
- realism
- shoujo-ai, yuri, loli, shota, mpreg
- furries
- tied-gagged characters
- fetishes
- romance/sexual themes involving children or characters whose features are generally non-human (i.e. animals and aliens)

* As there are areas out of my comfort zone, it is my discretion whether to accept a commission or not even if I have drawn something like them before. Thank you for understanding. *

Bullet; Blue PAYMENT
- I accept payments via PayPal or points through the commissions widget. PayPal much more preferred.
* Note that point commissions are a bit more expensive than the PayPal pricing due to dA taking 20% from point commissions.
- PayPal prices are in USD.
- Due to previous experiences, payment is upfront. I will only begin working on a commission when I'm fully paid. If you pay via PayPal eCheck, I will begin working on your commission once the eCheck is cleared.

Bullet; Blue NOTES
- I will try to work on the commissions by the order they were made but I will not necessarily follow the queue order since the difficulty of commissions and time it takes to finish them varies. I will be doing them simultaneously and not everyone will be finished at the same time.
- In between commissions, I may be working on my own projects so please do not be surprised if I upload a drawing while I still haven't finished your drawing. From experience, I found it essential that I also do my own drawings.

* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

* Prices may vary depending on the degree of difficulty of your commission.

* prices per character *
- USD 4.00 or 400 Points
Bust - USD 6.50 or 650 Points
Chibi/Small Children/Half Body
- USD 8.00 or 800 Points
Full Body
- USD 10 or 1000 Points
Freebie: Tasuki by hirokada Freebie: Mika Anderson by hirokada Freebie: Hien by hirokada Freebie: Garrus Vakarian by hirokada Freebie: Dominique de Sade by hirokada
* For linearts, the image uploaded on my dA will have a huge watermark like the ones above but I will send one without watermark to you privately.

Point Right HEADSHOT
(from the collar bones up)
USD 6.50
or 650 Points per character
Madoka Ootori 1 by hirokada Hetalia - China by hirokada Four Dragons Chibi by hirokada Freebie: Jeice by hirokada Freebie: Nora Valkyrie by hirokada

Point Right BUST
(from the chest up)
USD 8.00
or 800 Points per character
  SSGSS GT Vegeta by hirokada  75k Hits by hirokada

Point Right HALF BODY
(from the waist up)
USD 10.00
or 1000 Points per character
Commission 46: Vegeta by hirokada Commission 47: Vegito and Stevonnie by hirokada Commission 49: Steffe by hirokada Seduce Me Otome: Matthew by hirokada Happy Birthday Yao! ^_^ by hirokada

USD 12.50 or 1250 Points per character
Sailor Uranus SD by hirokada Freebie: Athena Cykes Colored Chibi Sketch by hirokada

Point Right FULL BODY
USD 15.00 or 1500 Points per character
Commission 51: Naruto by hirokada Commission 50: Kazui Kurosaki (Teen) by hirokada       Commission 48: Ichigo by hirokada Akira Kurusu 20170215 by hirokada FY Shichiseishi Series: Suzaku 1 - Nuriko by hirokada FY Shichiseishi Series: Suzaku 1 - Hotohori by hirokada FY Shichiseishi Series: Suzaku 1 - Chichiri by hirokada FY Shichiseishi Series: Suzaku 1 - Tasuki by hirokada  Sailor Mars 2 by hirokada Winged Izroul by hirokada

Point Right OTHERS (Difficult Drawings)
While the following sample is a full-body one-character drawing, pricing would be different due to degree of difficulty. Price might vary from the ones listed above and depends on the complexity/degree of difficulty of your commission.

Hinata 20161127 by hirokada

Pencil QUEUE

Working On:
(Last Updated: March 29, 2017 1 AM GMT+8)

Waiting List:

  I love deviantART! 
( :nod: Thanks so much for commissioning me! :heart: )
  1. :iconlesleytonyb: - paid | colored half-body drawing | Progress: DONE [07/18/2016-07/23/2016]
  2. :iconffiamgoku:  - paid | colored half-body drawing - 2 char. | Progress: DONE [08/06/2016-08/13/2016]
  3. :iconhollowtaker: - paid | colored full-body drawing | Progress: DONE [09/01/2016-09/10/2016]
  4. :iconsharkgerkins: - paid | colored half-body drawing | Progress: DONE [09/08/2016-09/27/2016]
  5. :iconhollowtaker: - paid
    colored full-body drawing | Progress: DONE [09/12/2016-10/14/2016]
    colored full-body drawing | Progress: DONE [10/04/2016-10/29/2016]
    colored full-body drawing | Progress: DONE [10/04/2016-11/27/2016]
    colored full-body drawing | Progress: DONE [10/16/2016-02/15/2017]
    colored full-body drawing | Progress: DONE [10/16/2016-03/29/2017]

Thank you very much for reading! Aww 
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Feel free to share my artworks on social media platforms (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter etc.) as long as you CREDIT ME by LINKING BACK here on dA (preferably on the specific deviation page), DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE, and DO NOT CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN. Also, DO NOT MODIFY my artworks and use them on photomanipulations. No need to ask permission from me if you will share my artworks on social media but it would be lovely if you'd let me know. Thank you. :aww:

Fushigi Yuugi Fan Stamp by Ranefea Nuriko Stamp by Priss-BloodEmpress Nuriko + Miaka Stamp by Priss-BloodEmpress DBZ Stamp by MajinPat DBZ - Funny Family by Mloun
If you are using or reposting my works.. by YourOwnArt Prismacolor C. pencils stamp by The-Nonexistent Derwent Stamp by SaxonSurokov I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 MY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn
DA addict stamp by iAkumu Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123The Money Stamp by Busiris Inspiration Strikes when... by Qinni Foreign Music by genkistamps
Too Busy Stamp by Mirz123 Commissions are Open by Metadream Request Closed Stamp by SquirtleStamps Art Trades Closed by SquirtleStamps DA Stamp - Collaborations 001 by tppgraphics

:dance: I'm fun-loving and optimistic :woohoo:
Downers, negative thinkers, and rude people please stay away from me, lol. :laughing:

Favourite genre of music: various (Jazz, Big Band music, JPop, Latin, OPM, English, HKPop / pop, rock, ballad, rap, etc.)
Favourite style of art: Dragonball/Akira Toriyama style, Fushigi Yuugi/Yuu Watase style, Anime
Favourite deviantWEAR size: Men's Medium
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Wallpaper of choice: House MD Season 6 promo
Favourite cartoon character: Vegeta, Nuriko, Domon Kasshu
Personal Quote: In creating art, don't be afraid to make mistakes because they will make you better.

- Digital:… (OPEN)
- Traditional:… (Currently CLOSED)
My dA 15th Birthday Questionnaire Journal:…

So I've had some "gap months" away from dA and only now realizing one can post thumbnails and photos on one's page/journal without premium membership.

Because I want to:

Mature Content

Nuriko Motivational by NISHUNE
FY Fanmanga 2 (Untoward Confession) Page 8 by hirokada Nuriko and Hotohori 5 by hirokada

Mature Content

Nuriko and Hotohori 4 by hirokada

:drool: :faint: :blush: :love:

:drool: :faint: :blush: :love:


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Bought it several years ago but have only started really using it since last year. Okay naman sya for me. :thumbsup: :nod: Ang problem lang sa particular model na ito ay hindi napapalitan yung tip ng pen. Medyo pudpod na yung akin. Nakabili ako replacement pen pero sobrang hirap hanapin. Kung saan-saang CD-R King na ako napadpad, wala. Tapos nung nakakita ako, huling stock na kaya kinuha ko na. ^^; Pero yung mga bagong model na tinitinda nila ngayon replaceable na yung tip:……
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